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Petroleum bitumen Distribution centers

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Notable cases about petroleum bitumenDistributing petroleum bitumen in bulk

Bitumen is an oil derivative that is usually used in the field of road construction and insulation and is usually available in both barrel and bulk form in the market. It is a black material with high viscosity in the form that it is solid at ambient temperature and its viscosity decreases with increasing temperature. Bitumen is used in waterproofing, making insulations such as asphalt. petroleum bitumen is in different packages.

Petroleum bitumen Distribution centers

Notable cases about petroleum bitumen

Notable cases about petroleum bitumen Bitumen is a viscous, non-crystalline, black or dark brown material that is soluble in organic solutions, such as toluene and carbon disulfide, and has adhesion and waterproof properties. Bitumen is generally composed of hydrocarbons, which usually contain 80% carbon and 15% hydrogen. Other residues in bitumen include oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and various metals.

Bitumen is a dense, highly viscous, oil-derived hydrocarbon that is classified into two main types. The first type is natural bitumen, which is found under oil hills and lakes, and the other type is refined bitumen from crude oil sedimentation.

Bitumen contains 2% oxygen, 11% hydrogen and 87% carbon .

As mentioned, this product is a high molecular weight hydrocarbon containing oils, resins and asphalt. The presence of 5 to 30% asphalt in bitumen makes bitumen hard.

Bitumen is produced in two ways:

1) Direct execution

2) Blowing air, which is done based on a cross-sectional or continuous process

Bitumen is mainly used in construction, road construction, road insulation, asphalting streets or roof insulation. This product according to different production processes to different types and grades and physical tests such as penetration test, viscosity test, point test

Ignition, solubility test, softening point test, ductility test and other items are divided.

It should be noted that some of these classifications are based on the results of tests performed on bitumen and others based on the type of refining and steps performed on bitumen.

Distributing petroleum bitumen in bulk

Distributing petroleum bitumen in bulk Bitumen is commonly used to insulate roofs, humid environments such as swimming pools, toilets, etc., and has good adhesion to mortar and cement surfaces, and is an important and widely used building material. In insulation, bitumen is usually used in conjunction with a sack called a bitumen. Sack fibers have a reinforcing role and stabilize the bitumen in place. As mentioned earlier, bitumen is solid at ambient temperature, but with increasing temperature, it becomes a paste and then liquefies. The important application of this product is due to its two important properties of impermeability and stickiness. bitumen demand is suitable in the market of this product. largest bitumen suppliers also export these products to other countries.

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