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Viscosity grade bitumen on the market

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Is bitumen a tar?Viscosity grade bitumen in 2020 global market

The largest bitumen refineries in the Iranian daily market are considered as the main centers of production and sales, which has led buyers to provide the best bitumen production from these centers. Also, through these centers in the modern markets of Iran, you can have very good access to different types of bitumen. You can buy viscosity grade bitumen from this site at a reasonable price.

Viscosity grade bitumen on the market

Is bitumen a tar?

Is bitumen a tar? Tar bitumen: This type of bitumen is used in places where there is a possibility of solvent or fuel loss due to its longer durability and ineffective solvents.

Most of the places that can be used are airport asphalt pavements and are sometimes known by the same name due to their similar appearance and similar use to petroleum bitumen.

 Because the source of this type of bitumen is different from petroleum bitumen, it has different chemical composition and physical properties, which results in different behavior during use (type of vapors emitted) and performance during operation.

Tar is a general term for liquids that come from burning natural organic materials such as wood or coal and their destructive distillation in the absence of air.

Two types of coal tar can be prepared according to the type of process of burning or carbonizing coal. One of the processes is performed at 1200 oC (Coke Oven Tar) and the obtained bitumen has a high percentage of aromatic substances and the other process is performed at 600 oC (Low Temperature Tar) and its percentage of aromatics is lower.

After cooling the resulting vapors and separating, the residual liquid called Crude Tar is distilled in parts and after separating the oil slices, the residual bitumen (Pitch) is obtained. Refined tar is obtained by mixing pitch with oil cuts and has 8 different grades in BS standard.

Viscosity grade bitumen in 2020 global market

Viscosity grade bitumen in 2020 global market Buying bitumen is one of the things that all customers and consumers in modern Iranian markets can do easily. Therefore, through large refineries producing this product, very special export samples can be provided for customers and consumers of these products. In this regard, you can have very special access to this sample of first-class bitumen, and this can easily increase the efficiency in the purchase of various types of export bitumen for customers and consumers.  largest bitumen suppliers produce different types of these products.

People who want to buy such products can order it at home or in their work environment without any problems and worries at any time of the day and night and carry out their activities safely. bitumen demand is very high today.

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