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Bitumen Global production in the global market

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Where does bitumen come from?bitumen Global production on the market

Major Bitumen distribution companies often distribute, distribute and sell the best-selling models of these products in different regions on a capillary or brand-specific basis, which has resulted in lower final prices. bitumen Global production Made by different factories.

Bitumen Global production in the global market

Where does bitumen come from?

Where does bitumen come from? Bitumen has properties such as high solubility in organic solutions, high purity and stable properties, high molecular weight and high nitrogen content.

Bitumen is an organic hydrocarbon and the best moisture insulation in nature. It also has a softening point of 130 to 250 ° C, depending on its type and quality, and enhances its importance in civil engineering and thermal insulation, and as an alternative raw material and additive in several uses. It is used in construction projects, especially road construction.

Petroleum bitumen are solid and semi-solid bitumen that are obtained directly from the distillation of crude oil or by other additional operations such as blowing air. Residual or heavy oil bitumen is the distillation of crude oil. The amount of crude oil bitumen varies from zero to more than half of it. In addition, bitumen obtained from different sources can have many differences. Therefore, bitumen refineries must carefully choose their crude oil to ensure the quality of bitumen.

Types of bitumen Chemically, there are different classifications for bitumen, two of the most common of which are based on the natural or petroleum nature of bitumen and the most common case is based on the type of source of bitumen supply, ie oil or coal or wood.

bitumen Global production on the market

bitumen Global production on the market You can find out the price of bitumen by contacting their sales representatives or through the site and the Internet, and due to the constant and momentary increase in prices, it is very difficult to announce and determine the best price of bitumen.

Export bitumen, which is the best type of bitumen on the market, is in high demand due to its high resistance, and in addition to its popularity in Iran, several tons are exported to neighboring countries, Australia, Qatar, Kuwait, Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, and other countries. bitumen suppliers uk sell different types of these products.

Isfahan bitumen is one of the standard bitumen produced in the Iranian market, which has very good sales and has been able to have a good supply in the largest domestic and export markets. This product is provided to customers at cheap prices through the largest bitumen production and sales company in Isfahan. High quality samples of Isfahan bitumen can be used in the export of bitumen to other countries. For this purpose, it should be connected with the largest center for production and sale of bitumen in Iran. You can buy best quality bitumen from this center at a reasonable price.

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