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Major bitumen manufacturer in 2020

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What is bitumen made of?Chief bitumen manufacturer in 2020

Bitumen is one of the by-products of crude oil, which is obtained after two-stage refining of crude oil. Bitumen is a dark sticky material that has a high degree of softness and impermeability. Iran is the largest producer of bitumen in the Middle East. Bitumen manufacturer companies in Iran, in addition to meeting the needs of various industries and domestic markets, export this product to different countries. The export of bitumen by bitumen manufacturer companies has a lot of income and currency for the country.

Major bitumen manufacturer in 2020

What is bitumen made of?

What is bitumen made of? Bitumen is a product produced from crude oil and has two important characteristics of high viscosity and impermeability to water. Bitumen is a type of hydrocarbon that is solid at normal temperature and can be produced and consumed in pure or modified form depending on the application. Bitumen has various sub-branches, each of which has a specific application. Petroleum bitumen is a derivative of crude oil and is often produced in refineries.

 Natural bitumen is a type of bitumen that is obtained due to the gradual transformation of crude oil and the evaporation of its volatiles due to the passage of many years. Such bitumen is called natural bitumen and it is more durable than bitumen produced in refineries. Natural bitumen exists in pure form in nature (lake bitumen) such as Behbahan bitumen lake in Iran or extracted from mines (mineral bitumen). Pure bitumens are also subjected to other processes to find the desired properties for different applications. Refineries produce different types of bitumen using pure bitumen. Applications of different types of bitumen:

  •  Waterproofing
  •  Manufacture of waterproofing 
  •  Asphalt execution

 Bitumen is an oil derivative that is usually used in the field of road construction and insulation and is usually available in both barrel and bulk form in the market. 90% of the total bitumen produced in the world is used in road construction and the other 10% is used in construction. Bitumen is commonly used to insulate roofs, humid environments such as swimming pools, and bathroom floors.

Chief bitumen manufacturer in 2020

Chief bitumen manufacturer in 2020  As one of the by-products of crude oil, bitumen has various uses in road construction and construction. Bitumen has high adhesion, which makes it used to produce asphalt. Sales of various types of bitumen with different degrees of permeability such as 60/70 and 85/100 with good quality and price are done by this company and through this site. For information on bitumen price list 2020 and to buy different types of bitumen with the best quality and the most appropriate price, refer to this site. This bitumen company is considered as one of the most important producers of bitumen that offer different types of bitumen in bulk or barrel to domestic and foreign markets.

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