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Bitumen factory price in 2020

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What is difference between bitumen and tar?Bitumen factory cost in recent years

Shiraz bitumen factory was designed and installed in 1984 by local experts. This unit is designed to produce 1250 barrels of 15/90 bitumen or 2500 barrels of 70/60 bitumen per day. MC-250 bitumen is also produced along with these products.

Bitumen factory price in 2020

What is difference between bitumen and tar?

What is difference between bitumen and tar? The bitumen price of export  and mixed bitumen is very important for many customers and consumers. 60/70 bitumen is offered in the Iranian market at very reasonable prices and has many customers. Export bitumen is divided into three types of bitumen 60/70, bitumen 85/100 and bitumen 40/50. Export bitumen has its own prices. These bitumens have appropriate specifications, quality and prices based on the provided analyzes.

Bitumen is a mixture of organic matter, usually a liquid composed of aromatic hydrocarbons. It also occurs in the solid state, such as in the mineral case of gilsonite. In addition, bitumen is sometimes referred to as asphalt in the United States. Bitumen tends to be dark in color, viscous and adjacent to oil and coal reserves.

But tar is a viscous brown or black viscous liquid consisting of hydrocarbons and free carbons that is extracted from a wide range of raw materials through destructive extraction.

Yarn and screws are used intermittently, but mostly yarn is used for liquid materials and more screws are used for solids or viscoelastic materials. Wires and screws are both applied to various types of viscous asphalt.

Tar generally has 3 shapes: 1- Coal tar 20- Wood tar 3- Mineral tar Coal tar is a by-product of coal gas production. Coal fiber is used to preserve wood, maintain paving stones, etc. In this process, in the first stage, the coal is heated in sealed iron vessels. The evaporating gases then lead out of the special tubes

be. These pipes are cooled with water. The material is nothing but coal fiber, which is a dense, odorous, black liquid.

Wood fiber is obtained by extracting resin woods such as pine. Extraction of resin wood produces cryosynthetic oil, which has a high retention ability. Mineral fiber is also produced by using kerogens. Cerogens are generally made of bitumen, which is just rock. The volatile content of mineral fibers is very low.

Bitumen factory cost in recent years

Bitumen factory cost in recent years

Bitumen is offered as one of the best and most important examples of price list in the Iranian market. This list can be a great choice for buyers and customers. In this regard, the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers in the bitumen trading in Iran look at the price list of bitumen as a very important tool in the Iranian market.

These prices can be provided to customers as the main and most basic prices of the day. The existence of these prices has made access and purchase more and better for buyers. In this regard, it can be easily seen that the largest buyers and customers throughout Iran have very good examples of this product.

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