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Largest bitumen wholesalers in 2020

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Can bitumen be used as a fuel?Bulk selling of bitumen in 2020

Our company as one of the Largest bitumen wholesalers in 2020 has extensive activities. Bitumen, also known as asphalt in the United States, is a substance that forms through the distillation of crude oil. It has waterproofing and adhesive properties. Bitumen production through distillation removes lighter crude oil components, such as gasoline and diesel, leaving the “heavier” bitumen behind.

Largest bitumen wholesalers in 2020

Can bitumen be used as a fuel?

Can bitumen be used as a fuel?

Crude oil is one of the most important materials in the world. Crude oil is a caustic soda that can be used in heating systems as well as naturally. Although less likely to be used in this way

The main use of crude oil and its derivatives these days is not so strange and surprising. Because more than 50% of crude oil is converted to gasoline, and in fact about 70% of crude oil is converted and consumed for transportation and transportation.

Crude oil is first converted into products whose molecules are close to the boiling point and have similar properties in combustion and structure. Then each product reaches the appropriate consumption according to its physical and chemical properties.

Petroleum products or petroleum products

Measuring the relative value of crude oil in the market is subject to several factors that sometimes contradict each other. Each type of oil has its own characteristics and characteristics that determine the type and amount of products that are produced after oil refining. In addition, the way refineries work does not affect the production of refined products. One type of oil may be particularly ideal and useful for a refinery, but on the other hand, the same oil may not be popular for a variety of reasons, including the price or insufficient production of key products required by the refinery’s traditional market. A refinery’s domestic market demand for petroleum products can change significantly due to seasonal, economic or local conditions, which affects the type of oil or oil mixture that a refinery is trying to find.

Petroleum products are most commonly used to extract energy from them: for example, fuel oil and gasoline are products that are used to use their energy. Refineries also process other chemicals, some of which use chemical processes to process plastics and other commonly used materials. Because oil contains a few percent sulfur, large amounts of sulfur are also processed as petroleum products. Hydrogen and carbon in the form of petroleum coke can also be considered petroleum products.

Oil refining has two main reasons. First, the extraction of materials such as naphtha for use in the petrochemical industry, engine oil for various cars, or even gasoline is much more economical than the use of crude oil as a calorific value. Second, the consumption of crude oil is not easy and safe due to the large differences in boiling points and ignition of its components. That is why crude oil must be refined and its light materials separated so that it can be used as a safe fuel.

Crude oil products

In the refinery, various products are obtained from crude oil, and in order to know how and the amount of these products, crude oil must first be evaluated in the laboratory. What is obtained in this evaluation will be used to design and adjust the work of the refinery and refining equipment. The cuts obtained from the distillation of crude oil in the refinery distillation tower may not be usable in the first place as semi-finished products, so each cut is reduced to other units such as catalytic conversion, depending on how it is and how high it is. Viscosity is washed with solvent and removed to produce the final products. In general, crude oil is slightly heated after entering the refinery and then driven to the distillation tower, where it is converted into important oil cuts under atmospheric pressure and vacuum. These incisions have different prepositional points. Sometimes some of these sections may be marketed as a final product, but usually other refining operations must be performed on these first sections and possibly hydrocarbons must be mixed together to obtain the final product. Some of the most important products obtained from crude oil (with boiling point in degrees Celsius) are:


1.       Liquid gas – 4/44 to 1/1

2.       Aircraft gasoline 2.2 to 149

3.       Engine fuel 2.32 to 215

4.       Jet fuels 8/37 to 288

5.       kerosene 176 to 288

6.       Diesel fuel oil gas 204 to 399


The pre-given point can be changed at the refinery according to market needs. Other products such as furnace fuel, lubricating oils, bitumen, solvents, wax, coke, soot, sulfur and special products are obtained from crude oil. Dear customers, you can visit our company website for more information about bitumen price list 2020.

Bulk selling of bitumen in 2020

Bulk selling of bitumen in 2020

Bulk selling of bitumen in 2020 by our collection has grown so much that in our bitumen company is one of the light oil products that is either naturally associated with wet gases or is obtained by refining crude oil. In the early days of the oil industry, where refiners aimed only at producing lamp oil, gasoline was not consumed. It was even considered a waste and dangerous substance. As bitumen is used to produce fuel and oil, it will increase the price of bitumen in 2020…

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Collection Petrosodoz invite you for buy the best Bitumen

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