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What bitumen looks like?Purchase bitumen in bulk at best price

To improve the properties of bitumen additives and modifiers such as minerals, organic, natural, industrial, plastics, rubber and…. Add to bitumen. These materials have effects such as reducing the brittleness and cracking of bitumen in cold, increasing the degree of softness in heat, resistance to ultraviolet rays and preventing the expulsion of aggregates in bitumen. On our site, Wholesale Bitumen for sale is sold to buyers at the cheapest price.

Wholesale Bitumen for sale

What bitumen looks like?

What bitumen looks like?

Bitumen is a black, pasty material used in moisture insulation and asphalt construction. There are different types of bitumen, each of which has a specific application. Bitumen is a derivative of oil.

1-      The process of producing bitumen emulsion is not smoky at all, while the process of producing bitumen solution is highly smoky and pollutes the air.

2-      The emulsion bitumen reaches the temperature of 160 degrees Celsius only once in the production process, and other stages, including storage, transportation or spraying, require almost no heat or the temperature should be between 20 and 60 degrees Celsius; While the soluble bitumen, both in the production process, during transportation and during spraying, to dilute, it must reach a temperature of 120 to 160 degrees Celsius. Hence, the material resulting from the emulsion bitumen failure will be the same as the base bitumen used, while the material left over from the dissolved bitumen fracture is very different from the initial base bitumen.

3-      In each ton of emulsion bitumen, only about 20 liters of oil is consumed and the water, acid and emulsifier used in the breaking process are separated from the bitumen. As a result, it is completely environmentally friendly and free of toxic substances and odors, while soluble bitumen has about 350 liters of oil per ton, which during failure, this amount of oil enters the ground or air and, as a result, pollutes the environment. In addition to being toxic, our national capital and our future is easily destroyed.

4-      Emulsion bitumen penetrates well on the surface due to its high fluidity; While the solubility of soluble bitumen is more than emulsion bitumen. In order to reduce the cost of soluble bitumen, it is necessary to add oil and gasoline to it, which increases the severity of damage to the environment.

5-      Emulsion bitumen can be easily applied and consumed at ambient temperature, while dissolved bitumen should be heated to about 160 degrees Celsius, which causes a lot of energy to be wasted.

6-      Emulsion bitumen can also be used on wet pavements, while to use soluble bitumen, the surface must be completely dry.

7-      The breaking rate of emulsion bitumen in contrast to stone materials and air is between 2 to 15 hours, while the breaking rate of dissolved bitumen is between 48 to 72 hours.

8-      Emulsion bitumen adheres to the surface or rock materials due to its ionic compounds, while bitumen is a neutral solution and only acts as a coating.

9-      For prime coat, per square meter of surface, 1.1 kg of emulsion bitumen should be sprayed, while this amount for soluble bitumen (MC) is between 1.2 to 1.8 kg per square meter of surface. For single coats, this number is 500 to 800 g of emulsion bitumen and 500 to 800 g for MC soluble bitumen.

10-   In combining emulsion bitumen with stone materials, the materials must be broken and thoroughly washed and have no soil at all; Also, there should be no grain size of 0 to 3 mm in them to prevent the bitumen-rock mixture from clotting, while soluble bitumen does not have this feature.

11-   Due to the lack of need for heat above 60 ° C, emulsion bitumen is not flammable during storage, transportation and execution, while soluble bitumen is flammable due to exposure to 160 degrees and above.

12-   Emulsion bitumen can be easily used as cold asphalt, while soluble bitumen, because it must be heated so that it does not harden and dry, can not be used as cold asphalt.

13-   In general, due to less energy consumption during storage, transportation and spraying, much less oil wasted as a national asset, more surface coverage if using emulsion bitumen than soluble bitumen, very good time saving and Finally, the cheaper emulsion bitumen, as a result of the above points, the use of soluble bitumen will cost more than twice the use of emulsion bitumen. For more information about bitumen price per ton please visit our site.

Purchase bitumen in bulk at best price

Purchase bitumen in bulk at best price

Bitumen sellers spray the emulsion bitumen with spray , without heating, to the desired surface, wall, ceiling, roof, floor and wall of the pool, bathroom floor, etc. It dries very quickly and in addition to sealing the surface well, it is much more cost-effective than MC solution bitumen. You can Purchase bitumen in bulk at best price by visiting our company website.

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Collection Petrosodoz invite you for buy the best Bitumen

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