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Affordable prices for bitumen in 2020

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What is bitumen used for?Rational price of bitumen in 2020

Bitumen price list is one of the best tools available in the selection and purchase and sale of bitumen. The price list of bitumen shows customers what products they will get in return for the prices and costs paid. It can also help a lot in buying high quality bitumen with valid analyzes. Access to various types of bitumen price lists is possible through access to reputable brands and the largest companies producing this product. You can get affordable prices for bitumen from this site.

Affordable prices for bitumen in 2020

What is bitumen used for?

What is bitumen used for? Bitumen is a black, pasty material used in moisture insulation and asphalt construction. There are different types of bitumen, each of which has a specific application. Bitumen is a derivative of oil and is often produced in oil refineries.

Bitumen is a black to dark brown hydrocarbon that dissolves completely in carbon sulfide and carbon tetrachloride. Bitumen is solid at ambient temperature. But as the temperature rises, it becomes a paste and then liquefies.

The important use of bitumen is due to the existence of two important properties of this material;

  • Waterproof
  •  Adhesion

Bitumen is usually obtained by distilling crude oil. Such bitumen is called petroleum bitumen or distilled bitumen. Petroleum bitumen is the product of two stages of crude oil distillation in the distillation tower. In the first stage of distillation, light materials such as gasoline and propane are separated from crude oil.

This process takes place at a pressure close to one atmosphere (units). In the second stage, heavy compounds such as diesel and kerosene are extracted. This process takes place at a pressure close to vacuum. Eventually a mixture of very fine solid particles called asphaltene remains, which is immersed in a grease-like fluid called malton.

However, some types of bitumen are obtained in nature due to the gradual conversion of crude oil and the evaporation of its volatiles over many years. Such bitumen is called natural bitumen and it is more durable than oil bitumen. bitumen suppliers sell different types of this product.

Rational price of bitumen in 2020

Rational price of bitumen in 2020 Major exports of bitumen at cheap prices have been done by Iran and have provided a large number of customers for the market for buying and selling bitumen.

Iranian bitumen is supplied to certain countries and has been able to get good feedback. Export of bitumen to Pakistan or other Asian countries from Iran has been able to generate a large volume of oil products annually. In this regard, the most reputable and largest supplier of this product in the Iranian market will provide very special samples of this product in bulk and packaging for buyers. In the meantime, consultants for buying and selling different types of Iranian bitumen can provide the necessary guidance for buyers and consumers.

 In this way, it is possible to have extensive activities in the large markets of Iran. bitumen manufacturers export their products to other countries.

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