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Superior bitumen Wholesale production in 2020

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Is bitumen fire resistant?Bulk production of bitumen in 2020

Bitumen produced by Iran’s major bitumen refineries, which produce under the latest technologies in the world, is always considered as the highest quality bitumen in the world, so that it meets the standard requirements of all countries. Large companies producing Iranian bitumen had the necessary capacities and facilities to produce and supply bitumen in bulk, barrel and bag methods. You can buy superior bitumen from this site at a reasonable price.

Superior bitumen Wholesale production in 2020

Is bitumen fire resistant?

Is bitumen fire resistant? Black to dark brown hydrocarbon bitumen in which carbon tetrachloride dissolves completely.

Bitumen is solid at ambient temperature. But as the temperature rises, it becomes a paste and then liquefies. The important use of bitumen is due to the existence of two important properties of this material; Impermeability and adhesion.

General characteristics of bitumen:

  • Impermeable to moisture and water
  •  Electrical insulation
  •  Resilience
  •  Moderate resistance to acids, bases and salts
  •  Adhesion to other materials

Major disadvantages of bitumen:

  • Their physical and mechanical properties change, they become softer and smoother with increasing temperature.
  •  Decomposed by high heat, the burner turns into charcoal and loses its adhesiveness.
  •  They deform under high pressure.
  •  It dissolves in mineral oils and some solvents such as carbon sulfide.
  •  They lose their adhesion in humid and soil-contaminated environments.

Due to these properties, different types of bitumen are widely used in the construction industry. One of these characteristics is the tendency to stick to rigid surfaces and the penetration of moisture and water in it. This adhesion will depend on the appearance of the body and the state of the bitumen. Adhesion action The bituminous material must be able to adhere to the surface of the body. As mentioned, the presence of moisture on the surface of the body eliminates this adhesion.

Bulk production of bitumen in 2020

Bulk production of bitumen in 2020 Global market for bitumen production in Paving grade bitumen, oxidized bitumen, soluble bitumen, bitumen emulsion, Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) polymer bitumen, and other bitumen made due to the addition of copper and zinc. The global market for bitumen in terms of road construction, hard grade, soft grade, polymer modified bitumen, waterproof (roofing), adhesive, insulation, and other decorative and industrial applications. Global bitumen market in terms of geographical areas; North America, Europe, China, Asia Pacific (except China), and the rest of the world. bitumen manufacturers produce different types of this product.

Among the production sectors, the asphalt road bitumen market accounted for a large share in 2013. Analysts predict that polymer-modified bitumen will be recorded as the fastest part of the forecast period, which indicates an increase in the use of polymer-modified polymer bitumen in road construction, due to the qualities of this type of bitumen such as strength and high porosity And the scratches are low. In addition, the high resistance of polymer modified bitumen to water will increase its use in the roof waterproofing industry (insulation), the use of this type of application. bitumen suppliers sell their products at a reasonable price.

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Collection Petrosodoz invite you for buy the best Bitumen

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