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What is crosslinking in bitumen?Bulk price of bitumen in 2020

Buying is a very important thing in the market of any product that needs its own tools and equipment. Buying a product at reasonable prices allows customers and buyers to be more powerful in the day market of that product. This has caused the largest bitumen production and supply companies in Iran to use a very important tool called the price list of various types of export and domestic bitumen in the market of buying and selling various types of bitumen, Wholesale price and minor.

Wholesale price for bitumen

What is crosslinking in bitumen?

What is crosslinking in bitumen? (double and triple) are always suitable places on polymer chains to create cross-links between chains. Obviously, the number of these bonds and their relative percentage to the total polymer chain bonds is one of the factors determining the ability of the chain to create cross-linking. Crosslinking can define the final properties of crosslink polymers by polarizing or non-polarizing the chains.

Styrene and acrylonitrile mostly play the role of creating general properties such as elongation percentage, polarity and resistance to various solvents and temperatures, as well as physical processes. It can never be said what is the best percentage of monomers, because every type of copolymer is designed for specific purposes, for example, it is possible to make styrene copolymer buta DN with a higher proportion of styrene, then it may no longer be possible to use the word rubber Special is more practical than the common type.

In summary, the ability of different polymer chains to form crosslinks under the same conditions is completely different, and natural crosslink latex conditions with acrylonitrile buta-DNA and styrene, buta-DNA, chloroprene, etc. should be applied the same, both in terms of quantity of additives and In terms of process quality, specific conditions must be considered for each, fresh for a specific type

Polymer According to our expectations from the properties of the sample, the quantity and quality of additives and processes should change, let alone two different polymers.

Bulk price of bitumen in 2020

Bulk price of bitumen in 2020 Iranian bitumen is one of the best and cheapest examples of bitumen produced in the world. Iran with access to a large amount of oil in your power to have the best services in the purchase and sale of bitumen suppliers.

There are many examples of refined bitumen in the Iranian market. This product, which has very good sales, has been able to be offered in the largest markets of Iran today and also has very good export routes. Iran’s bitumen refineries are owned by the government. Some of these other refineries as the main bitumen manufacturers of this product in the Iranian market are engaged in the production of this product. The price of bitumen in 2020 has varied due to currency fluctuations, but we have always tried to offer the best price to our customers.

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