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Major Bitumen exporting countries 2020

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Which bitumen does not need heating?Main exporting countries for bitumen

As one of the bitumen exporting countries 2020, our country has been able to be one of the top bitumen exporters in the Middle East, which exports most of the bitumen produced by this company. To create a large barrel production line and also to allocate large fields for the production of bitumen produced in our oil company with the brand, and today the bitumen produced under the brand of our company is one of the most popular and best-selling production bitumens in Iran.

Major Bitumen exporting countries 2020

Which bitumen does not need heating?

Which bitumen does not need heating?

Emulsion bitumen is a mixture of two liquids (water and bitumen) that are immiscible, in which bitumen are suspended in water as very small particles, in which case the bitumen as an internal phase or a discontinuous phase and another liquid (water) Is called the external phase or the continuous phase.

This can be done with a substance called an emulsifier. The diameter of bitumen grains is between 0.001 and 0.002 mm. The smaller the bitumen particle diameter, the better the emulsion.

Emulsion is formed.

Bitumen, Water, Emulsifier, Acid, Calcium Chloride (Cacl2), which are fixed emulsions of bitumen, but depending on the type and quality of the emulsion can be solvent (Solvent) ), Stabilizer and polymer added.

In fact, bitumen and water are the main and most important ingredients of emulsion bitumen that are mixed with the help of emulsifier.

Classification of emulsion bitumens according to their ionic structure is divided into three categories: anionic, cationic and non-anionic. At present, the use of anionic emulsion bitumens has lost its use over time and for this purpose, cationic emulsion bitumens have been replaced. They stick better.

The most important indicator in the properties of emulsion bitumens is the breaking time and separation of bitumen and water after use and application, which are divided into three main categories: fast breaker (unstable), slow breaker (semi-stable) and slow breaker (stable).

Cationic Rapid Setting (CRS):

Cationic Rapid Setting (CRS) Unstable bitumen emulsions break down very quickly on the surface of the material, leaving a very thin layer of bitumen. Their main uses are in sealing with stone materials, sealing with sand, surface asphalts and penetrating macadam. Accelerating bitumen emulsions have a high mental slowness in order not to flow on the road surface.

Cationic Medium Setting-CMS:

This category includes bitumen emulsions that are more stable than crusher emulsions and can be mixed with stone materials because they do not break immediately after contact with the aggregates and the asphalt mixture maintains its performance for several minutes. These emulsions can be found in factories

Mobile asphalt is prepared or used in the form of mixed asphalt on site. Slurry bitumen emulsions provide a better coating on stone materials at high ambient temperatures.

Cationic Slow Setting (CSS):

This category includes bitumen emulsions that have a high stability after contact with stone materials. These emulsions can be used with stone aggregates with continuous granulation and large amounts of fines. Refractory bitumen emulsions have a low bitterness that can be further reduced by adding water. This group, when diluted, can be used for surface coating, sealing the pavement surface without the use of aggregates and suppressing dust. If a faster breaking rate is required in the asphalt mixture, for example in a bitumen emulsion slurry, Portland cement or hydrated lime can be added.

The type of bitumen used in road construction is determined according to weather factors and conditions, type and intensity of traffic, type of pavement, type and granulation of stone materials and how to implement pavement. The table below shows the general application of different types of bitumen.

For more information about bitumen size of molecules, visit our site.

Main exporting countries for bitumen

Main exporting countries for bitumen

The first determining factor in the price of exported barrel bitumen depends on the current exchange rate. Therefore, Main exporting countries for bitumen offer this product to the market at a reasonable price. It is used and depends on the exchange rate and the price of iron sheet, which is the raw material for barrels. The next factors are the price of bitumen transportation, which varies according to inflation, demand and export season, the most important and main determining factor. In the price of barrel export bitumen is the daily price of bitumen, which is also influenced by factors such as demand and production, as well as the price of currency. For more information about bitumen pit, visit our site.

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