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Premium bitumen affordable prices in the global market

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What is bitumen material?Rational price of bitumen in 2020

Buying and selling in global markets is a good way to generate revenue and boost the work of large manufacturing companies, including Premium bitumen affordable prices. To turn opportunities into economic resources, considering international laws and standards and developing global markets in the production of waterproofing and exporting bitumen to Turkey and other countries is of particular importance.

Premium bitumen affordable prices in the global market

What is bitumen material?

What is bitumen material? Bitumen is a black, pasty material used in moisture insulation and asphalt construction. There are different types of bitumen, each of which has a specific application. Bitumen is a derivative of oil and is often produced in oil refineries.

Bitumen is a dense, highly viscous, oil-derived hydrocarbon that is classified into two main types. The first type is natural bitumen, which is found under oil hills and lakes, and the other type is refined bitumen from crude oil deposition. Bitumen contains 2% oxygen, 11% hydrogen and 87% carbon.

As mentioned, this product is a high molecular weight hydrocarbon containing oils, resins and asphaltene. The presence of 5 to 30% asphaltene in bitumen causes the bitumen to harden. Bitumen is produced in two ways:

  • Direct execution
  • Blowing air based on a cross-sectional or continuous process

Bitumen is mainly used in construction, road construction, road insulation, asphalting of streets or roof insulation. This product is divided into different types and grades according to different production processes and physical tests such as penetration test, viscosity test, flash point test, solubility test, softening point test, flexibility test and other items.

Rational price of bitumen in 2020

Rational price of bitumen in 2020 bitumen price varies according to the design, quality, dimensions and size, and brand of products in the market. In addition, the structure and type of protective coating are very effective in the price of this product. Also, the economic fluctuations in the society and exchange rate changes that more or less affect the price of this product, we can not talk about the price of bitumen and waterproofing with certainty. To prepare the daily price of different types of bitumen trading in the market, it is better to visit the supply and distribution agencies of this product in the market and find out its price. By knowing the prices of bitumen in the market, you can manage your expenses and buy the desired product according to your financial ability.

By identifying the needs and wants of customers, it tries to produce and supply new and quality products. The use of online stores is becoming more and more widespread and most customers make their purchases this way.

The factor of place and time no longer prevents people from accessing these products. The highest quality types of bitumen are sold in online stores from reputable and famous brands. The products offered in these stores are at a very high level in terms of quality.

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